Exploring John Maxwell’s lessons for leadership in real estate.

Today we’re talking about a gentleman who has not only had a huge impact on our lives, but also on the lives of people all around the world. His name is John Maxwell, and he is one of the best leadership gurus out there. I recently found out that John wrote an article highlighting some lessons to help you grow your real estate business, and we wanted to talk about them today.

You can watch the full video above or skip to each section using the timestamps provided:

0:00 — Introducing today’s topic

1:31 — Maxwell’s lessons for real estate

3:13 — “You will never fulfill your destiny doing work you despise”

4:57 — You won’t last in this business unless you’re passionate

8:30 — Your success is determined by your daily agenda

10:18 — Jason isn’t as much of a morning person

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