I’ve been in the real estate business for over 35 years, and during that time I’ve helped over 3,000 families with their real estate needs. Over the years, I developed a nearly full-proof technique to maximize a home’s value and capture an additional two to three buyers on almost every listing. For example, do you know the exact time you should activate your listing? To learn about my eight proven steps, watch this short video.

Here are the eight steps that I’ve integrated into my approach: 

  1. Price for attention. There cannot be any doubt in the buyer’s mind when the walk in the home that it’s priced correctly. 
  2. Get a professional photographer in for pictures by Wednesday. Doing this will mean you can get those stellar photos back by Friday, just in time to entice weekend shoppers. 
  3. Activate the listing Friday. There are ten times as many eyeballs peering over listings on Friday afternoon than any other time of the week. 
  4. Create fear of loss. Here’s the tricky part: Do not let anyone see the home for the next nine days after the listing goes active. Then, on the following Sunday, hold a mega open house. This is a critical part of this. Remember you are creating the greatest influence in the world: the fear of loss. 
  5. Get your open house signs up. On the Friday before the open house, start putting your open house signs up. Make sure you saturate the area—open house signs on every corner! 
  6. More signs, more attention. That following Sunday, put even more signs out, this time with balloons attached. Do whatever you can to make the open house experience seem special and interesting. 
  7. Get a partner. Make sure you have a partner with you; when people try to capture everyone on their own, they end up capturing no one. 
  8. Have a hook. Create a hook that speaks to a pain point of people walking in to the house.

I did a longer training going further in depth about these 8 steps, and also made a PDF that you can download. Watch my training and download the PDF here.